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UAE Destinations

With its fascinating buildings, amazing contrasts of traditional and modern customs, magnificent mountain scenery and the desert sands, the United Arab Emirates or UAE has become the charter destination of choice for a huge number of globetrotters. Here are some of the best UAE destinations for luxury boat chartering.



As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is truly a magical destination for luxury yacht lovers. It offers world-class marinas, luxury shopping, as well as unmatched natural beauty in the region.

Abu Dhabi offers plenty of areas to explore on a yacht in the region. Corniche Bay is where you can relax on white sandy beaches and the Eastern Mangrove National Park with its natural wilderness.

Also, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an unmissable landmark, which is truly a marvelous piece of architecture. When it comes to shopping, you can find almost everything that at Dubai Mall. You can go for a photo session at one of the iconic buildings in the city.



Dubai is renowned for its larger than life experiences, luxury and opulence. It’s a major center for luxury yacht enthusiasts, with a wide range of facilities to cater to everyone. There is also the international Dubai Boat Show, where luxury boat owners meet every year to showcase their yachts. Dubai is the premier shopping destination in the middle east, where you can buy everything that you want.


Other Gems

While Dubai and Abu Dhabi may be the most popular luxury yacht chartering destinations, there are numerous other hidden gems that you should explore in the region. And one of them is Ajman. It features the world-renown Ajman Beach, as well as plenty of artifacts and old forts. There is also Fujairah, a bustling center of commercial activities and plenty of café’s serving mouthwatering cuisines. If you are looking for pristine sand beaches and azure blue waters, then you should head to Ras al-Khaimah.


Travel Options

As you can see, your adventure and exploration options are almost endless in the UAE. And you can opt for a vessel of your choice as you check out the sites. The 3 most popular chartering options are:

  • Sailing yacht: Sleek and stunning, sailing yachts are designed for a small family, a small group or a couple. Their cabins are smaller, they have lesser storage space, the kitchen amenities are also a bit cramped. So, if you will be traveling as a large group, then a catamaran is the better choice. But if you are going on a day trip, then a sailing UAE yacht charter may be an ideal choice, even for larger groups.
  • UAE Catamaran: Unlike sailing yachts, catamarans offer plenty of space, making them perfect for big families, large groups or any other vacationer that needs ample room. So, if you are going for a sailing holiday in the UAE with your family or with a group of friends, then you will benefit from the amenities and ample space that a catamaran offers.
  • Motor yachts: If you are planning a romantic weekend getaway in the UAE with your loved one, then a motor yacht will be perfect for you. While it may be more expensive to charter one than the others, you will experience true luxury and comfort. It’s like sleeping in a moving hotel suit.

Known for its opulence, luxury and alluring magical landscapes, each region in the UAE conglomerate has something spectacular to offer, making it the first choice for luxury yacht travelers looking for seclusion and privacy.