Caribbean Destinations

Caribbean Destinations

Without a doubt, the Caribbean is the embodiment of a paradise sailing vacation. With more than 7,000 stunning islands, great weather conditions throughout the year, clear blue skies, pleasant sailing conditions, a trip to the Caribbean is unmissable. On a luxury boat charter, you will get to explore amazing diving locations, turquoise swimming waters, snorkeling and relaxing on the beaches. Some of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the Caribbean Sea include:


With its beautiful islands, splendid wind conditions and miles of coral reefs, it’s easy to see why Antigua is a favorite travel destination for those who love spending their time out in the sea. During the day, you can explore this amazing Caribbean, with endless miles of natural beauty, peace and serenity. So when the sun goes down, immerse yourself in the island’s vibrant nightlife and mingle with the locals.



Popularly known as BVI, the British Virgin Islands are the epitome of Caribbean yachting charters. They have all the perfect conditions for a sailing vacation, thanks to the gorgeous islands, consistent and reliable trade-winds, luxury hotels, white sandy beaches, shipwrecks as well as aquamarine waters. The British Virgin Islands should be the first destination for a luxury boat chartering in the Caribbean.



If you are a boat enthusiast and spending your holidays sunbathing in the sea, then you will love St. Martins. With luxurious accommodation, serene beaches, fine dining and beautiful cruising locations, you will find unmatched comfort and style. A yacht charter features a wide range of activities like swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, beachcombing and kayaking. You can also head onshore and enjoy some dining out, shopping, sightseeing historical sites or dancing at nightclubs.



Volcanic in origin, St. Lucia is filled with forested peaks, an